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We’ve been playing with data sets of all sizes and from different souces for over 25 years now and we’ve been calling
it data analysis! We have over 100 years of data analysis experience. We look at client data sets all the time and we’re adept at bringing extra useful insight to our clients. To learn more please get in touch.

Emfasize Analytics

With PhD level statistical expertise, a multi-disciplined team and some strong academic connections we can advise on issues such as how best to combine existing data with survey data, how to acquire and manage useful data sets for your business or how best to use social media feeds and web analytics to help your business. In some cases we add power to predictive analytics and are able to predict the future!

100 + Years

Together we have over 100 years data analysis experience and help help you understand and make best use of your data.


Everything from Data Analysis and Statistics to Strategy, Marketing, IT and Psychology working with businesses.

Predict the Future

With data at the core, our aim is to predict future market conditions and share customers’ likely behaviours for the benefit of our clients.

How we help

How we help

We help everyone from SME to larger corporations at different stages of their big data or analytics journey and can engage in several ways:

  • Consultancy and advice
  • Secondment
  • Recruitment of data scientists
  • Training programmes
  • Data analysis
  • Big Data Acquisition
  • Incorporating other data sets
  • Data Management and handling – Mining, Standardisation, Visualisation
  • Model development and maintenance
  • Model assessment
  • Web Analytics
  • Analytic Approaches:(descriptive – predictive)
    • Decision trees, Regression (Generalised Linear Modelling)
    • Cluster analysis, Time series, Non-linear modelling, Scenario models.
  • Statistical modelling, maintenance and implementation
    • Agri Analytics

Our Associations

Our approach

Client requirements can differ greatly. Emfasize offers its clients a unique approach in the handling and development of Data Analytics Solutions.

Through a client’s discovery process we are able to deliver solutions that will help the client to identify and solve unique and complex data problems. This process will allow the client to quickly and speedily introduce analytics as part of their daily culture.


With an emphasis on getting the most from your data to help your business we tease out the issues and investigate initial opportunities that exist in your business. We examine the context including the data resources so that we can recommend an appropriate approach. Depending on your organisation this can entail anything from analysis of simple data files to undertaking workshops with your people to understand the issues and opportunities we should be addressing.

Problem Solving

During this stage we bring together your data sets along with others we deem to be useful . We play with these data sets and look for relationships and patterns that could form the basis of some useful models e.g identifying the factors that affect your customer churn or key variables that might provide some indication that your clients may need a certain product or service from you. We’ll test our models so that they can be applied to your business and allow you to benefit from the insight we’ve obtained.


The resulting stage is for us to implement the models in a manner where you can see the benefit in your business on a day to day basis. Our aim is to ensure that our solutions can be interpreted easily. From time to time, we review and re-test the models so that they perform as designed and are still relevant to your business.

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We’ve many years of experience across plenty of industries. We’re sure we can help you find the insight you need.

Meet the Team

Andrew McCarren

Dr Andrew McCarren (BSc, Ph.D.) Andrew is a statistician. He currently lectures in Probability and, Statistics in the School of computing and engineering in Dublin City University. He is also conducting research in the application of predictive analytics in the Agri sector. Andrew has worked as a senior statistician in both the Pharmaceutical (Quintiles) and Engineering (Intel) fields. Andrew also developed an international food processing company which was sold in 2013. He has a diverse experience with working with many different types of data and the application of many differing modelling techniques.

Brian Cooney

Brian Cooney is founder and CEO of Direction Research and holds a B.Sc in Applied Mathematical Sciences from Dublin City University. Brian has been involved in market research since 1986 and has extensive experience establishing data analysis functions, call centres, data gathering related functions including Face-to-Face, CATI, CAPI and on-line operations for various companies. He has worked on many large-scale projects in a lead role for a variety of clients including Vodafone, Eircom, Aer Rianta, Green Property, Bord Fáilte, Bank of Ireland and AIB. Brian has held senior positions with large and respected market research companies operating in Ireland including Irish Marketing Surveys and Lansdowne Market Research. His particular strengths lie in the establishment and running of new projects and helping clients to better understand their customers and markets. He is a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland. Brian holds a Masters in International Business from Trinity College. With modules in Babson College, Boston and IMD Lausanne, Switzerland, the masters programme had an emphasis on marketing, understanding customer needs and examining market entry strategies and trends in the global marketplace.

Finian Buckley

Dr. Finian Buckley (BA, H. Dip in Ed., Ph.D) Dr. Buckley is a practitioner and expert in Organisational Psychology and its application to management problems. Finian has extensive experience in the field and is a pioneer in this research arena. Based on a career in academia, Finian has published many research articles and regularly contributes to conferences. In industry, his consultancy skills are in constant demand where he has worked on projects notably with McDonald’s Restaurants, FAI, the ESB and recently the well publicized study on “The Psychological Effects of Commuting in Dublin”. He has worked on many survey projects, is also qualified in the use of statistical techniques and is a member quite a number of professional bodies including Irish, European and American Academies of Management.

Gerry Conyngham

Gerry Conyngham M.Sc. Gerry is a statistician. He also lectures in Survey Design, Statistics and Operations Research in the Business School in Dublin City University. He has extensive experience of designing and implementing large sample surveys in Industry and Education. He also has extensive operations research expertise and is an experienced problem solver.